Choosing the right type of dental crown with Park West Dental Care in Idaho Falls ID
man learning about which-dental crown is right for him

As technology progresses, dental technology follows suit. It often provides a better, cheaper service for the patient, however, this is not always true. If you need a crown, there are two options that you can choose. Your Idaho Falls dentist is always available to answer your questions and help you choose the right fit for your unique needs.


Traditional Crowns

  • Look more like natural teeth and can be custom shade matched
  • Cost effective
  • Higher quality to last longer and work like or better than natural teeth

Same Day Digital Crowns

  • Receive your permanent crown in one long visit
  • Convenient digital impressions


Traditional Crowns

  • Takes two visits before your permanent crown is placed
  • Temporary crown must be worn between visits

Same Day Digital Crowns

  • Usually more expensive than traditional crowns
  • Strength and longevity are not proven
  • Computer dictates the shape of the crown and does not often match the other teeth
  • Surface is often rough

Why We Only Do Traditional Crowns

The short answer is: we will only do for you what we do for ourselves and our family members.  Period.  No compromises.

From what we have seen, the crowns produced with this newer technology do not have the same high quality as handcrafted, custom-made crowns, which look, feel, and work like natural teeth.

At Park West Dental, we use the highest quality, tooth-colored materials to create crowns, and our lab is equipped with computers that aid us when needed. Your Idaho Falls dental professionals are personally so confident that our traditional crowns will hold up to almost anything that we warranty them against breakage for life!

As long as you come see us for regular cleanings and do what we ask, we will replace the crown at no cost any time. We can’t warranty the tooth under the crown, but our Idaho Falls dental patients can trust that they are receiving the absolute best care that can be had.

To learn more about how Park West Dental can help you choose crowns to restore your smile, call 208.932.4607 to schedule an appointment with our Idaho Falls dental office.