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Having good oral hygiene can be easy to achieve if you stick to a simple routine. However, it is essential not only to prevent cavities but also to maintain strong and healthy gums.

Moreover, there are other benefits to it than what you might be thinking of.

Still, the help of the dentist is vital to achieving the perfect oral health you deserve. If you are near Idaho Falls, we have a cleaning special for every new patient that makes an appointment with us.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of good oral hygiene and the special we have for new patients. 

More than teeth   

Maintaining good oral hygiene will improve many aspects of your overall health. There are some reactive pathologies associated with poor oral hygiene and the presence of tartar build-up. Moreover, there is a correlation between heart diseases and periodontal disease.

Thereby, good oral hygiene got multiple benefits such as:

Prevent cavities

Maintaining your mouth clean will eliminate every residue left behind by the food you eat. These residues are used by the cariogenic microorganisms in your mouth to start a demineralization process that leads to cavities.

Strong gums  

Good oral hygiene will maintain your gums strong and healthy and prevent gingivitis.

Commonly known as gums bleeding, it is the most common sign of problems with oral hygiene.

When left unattended, tartar starts to build up, turning gingivitis into periodontitis. This condition affects your bone and can even make you lose a tooth.

Tartar build-up is common even among people with a strict oral hygiene routine. Therefore, it is essential to make regular dental appointments for a cleaning to prevent gums disease. Make sure to ask for our cleaning special for new patients near Idaho Falls to keep your gums healthy.

Fresh breath 

When talking to someone, you might want to make sure that your breath is always fresh and pleasant. This is easily achieved by brushing your teeth and your tongue and using mouthwash.

Having a fresh breath can also help you boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Prevent reactive pathologies

There’s a particular group of pathologies that can be developed as a body reaction to being in constant contact with tartar. Although they are benign and the odds of developing them are quite low, they can be quite alarming.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

When there’s gum inflammation due to periodontitis, mouth bacteria can travel through the bloodstream directly into the heart. Thereby, a simple visit to the dentist combined with good oral hygiene could prevent you from having a stroke, a heart attack, or any other cardiovascular disease.

In our dental clinic, we have a special offer for every new patient, which includes the exam and x-rays for only $79. Our group of dentists will make sure to improve your oral hygiene so you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy mouth.

Come visit Park West Dental and experience convenient and comfortable dental care. We look forward to meeting you!