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New Year, New You, New Smile!
Welcome to a brand new year full of opportunities for change and growth! One of the easiest resolutions you can be sure to keep, and one that will keep you healthy and confident, is to focus on improving your oral health! Whether you could use some improvements in your at-home care, or just need to finally take the plunge and get your overdue dental treatments complete, dentistry can have a truly life changing impact on your life.

Resolution 1: Improve Oral Hygiene at Home
Keeping your smile clean and healthy is actually very simple! Get in the habit of brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning and just before bed. And if you already do this, try to make your dental resolution to brush after every meal! Also, don’t forget to floss at least once a month! Even just making your resolution to floss once a day can help the overall health of your teeth and gums!

Resolution 2: Routine Dental Visits
Many patients put off their dental visits or just come once every few years. This is not healthy! Most dentists recommend you visit for routine hygiene cleanings and checkups at least twice a year. This is a very easy dental resolution to keep, because you just need to come in twice the whole year! And at Park West Dental Care, we do what we can to make that easy, with reminders and convenient times. We’ll clean your teeth, gums, and perform oral exams to make sure nothing bad is developing.

Resolution 3: Stop Bad Habits
This dental resolution can often not only help improve your oral health, but your overall health too! For those that use tobacco products, quitting them will help improve the health of your gums and keep your teeth from yellowing. Other habits you can avoid can be chewing on ice, which can crack teeth, cutting back on sugary drinks and snacks which cause cavities, and reducing staining foods and drinks that can dull the whiteness of your teeth.

Resolution 4: Get Your Restorative Care
If you have been putting off necessary dental care, now is the time to get it done! If it’s anything from a dental crown to replacing a missing tooth, starting the new year off with a brand new smile will give you years worth of confidence. Our team at Park West Dental Care will do everything we can to make you comfortable and at ease, and give you an in-depth consultation on your needs, wants, and smile goals!

Start the New Year with a New Smile!

Schedule your new year appointment now at Park West Dental Care by calling us at 208-524-0870 for Westside or 208-522-1164 for Eastside!


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